Biltong is traditional South African air dried meat, typically using salt, vinegar and a variety of spices, most notably coriander. Deriving from Dutch, “bil” means buttock, since the cuts of meat typically used are from that part of the animal, and “tong” means strip, so biltong literally means butt strips. While biltong comes is many shapes and sizes, the process generally involves cutting the meat into strips, marinating with vinegar, salt and desired spices, and then hanging the marinated meat to dry in a dehydrator. Biltong is not cooked in an oven or a smoker. Though often compared, biltong and jerky are not the same thing.

Biltong was established as a South African staple by the Dutch Voortrekkers venturing across South Africa in an effort to establish a better future for themselves. It helped sustain them in one of the toughest environments on earth. Fast forward to today’s times, biltong is a way of life in South Africa. It brings people together. It’s about family. It’s about stories and memories. It’s about passion and enthusiasm. 

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