Bru's Biltong was created by Steve "Bru" Isaacs as a passion project to make the best biltong you can find anywhere. Steve emigrated to the US in 2001, and through social circles and involvement with local rugby clubs, gained the nickname Bru (pronounced brew), given that "Howzit bru" is one of the most common ways to greet someone in South Africa. After years in America without a source of great biltong, Steve took to it upon himself to start making small batches using a tried and tested family recipe and a countertop biltong machine (food dehydrator.)


Bru couldn’t help but want to share with all his friends and colleagues in America, to show them what they had been missing out on. Personally delivering each order, usually out of a backpack, Bru soon learned that the response was really positive. People wanted more! Random folks would come out of the woodwork with comments like, “got any more of that badass jerky?” And so Bru’s Biltong was born!

Growing up in South Africa, biltong was available almost everywhere you went, but similar to jerky, great biltong was pretty hard to come by. You had to know just where to go to get the good stuff. And when you had it, it was pure elation! Biltong is one of the things South Africans living abroad miss most from home, and most store brand jerky just doesn’t cut it. Bru’s Biltong was founded out of necessity, to provide America with the biltong you can’t get enough of, as opposed to something that’s just okay. Our focus is on quality, instead of variety of mediocrity. While we try not take ourselves too seriously, we take our biltong very seriously! We simply want to make the best biltong you can get your hands on and make it as easy as possible to get. Bru’s Biltong aims to be your go-to biltong source because nothing else comes close.