Order a Slab of Air Dried Beef Biltong

A Whole Slab of Air-Dried Beef Biltong

Need more Biltong in one go than is in our bags of sliced Biltong, snapsticks, or dry wors? Bru’s Blitong has your back with our slab of air-dried beef biltong. Our biltong slab allows you to control the thickness of your slices and keep your biltong as fresh as possible.

 Whether you’re a South African missing biltong as you look at grocery store jerky — like Steve “Bru” Isaacs was when he created Bru’s Biltong — or if you’re just someone who’s looking for a delicious dried meat, Bru’s Biltong is ready to show you how superior biltong can be.

What is Biltong?

Nearly every culture has worked out ways to preserve meat, often through drying. America has jerky and pemmican, Italy has prosciutto and salami, and South Africa has biltong.

Our biltong slab has all the things you likely love about beef jerky — a portable protein that’s an easy snack — but better. Biltong is air-dried and cured rather than smoked, but unlike jerky it contains no sugar. Just beef, vinegar, and traditional South African spices.

In addition, our biltong slabs are air dried just like biltong traditionally has been in South Africa for centuries. The process of making biltong naturally preserves the protein content, making it an ideal snack for the health-conscious — especially on our slab of dried meat, since you can easily slice off the fat if fat is a health concern.

How Do I Eat Biltong from a Slab?

Of course, you can slice biltong directly off the slab — paper thin, thick, or anywhere in between — but you can also do so much more!

Biltong is a quick and easy way to add delicious protein to any salad, spicing up your work lunch without sacrificing health. And biltong makes a refreshing addition to any charcuterie board, cheese party, or picnic.

Order your Bru’s Biltong slab today!